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My Gardening Attempt

summer 2009 garden

summer 2009 garden

Soooo, my dh built me some raised beds for mother’s day, and my dd bought me a few plants, and I purchased a few more. My ds bought the soil and had it dumped in the driveway, and we used that to fill the raised beds, and also fill in the front yard flower beds. So, we planted, watered, and watched and we are seeing great results for first time gardeners, in my opinion anyway, LOL! Here are a few photos:
pulled1stradish tomatoe





zucchini         Lettuce, spinich, arugala……                            

saladbarrel zucchini……

And this is what happens when you toss a rotten pumpkin in the late fall:


And more……….I am going to try to dig them up and replant them so they have room to grow!manypumpkins


Creeping up on The Lazy Days of Summer….

School is almost out for the kiddos, only one more week to go.  I’m looking forward to many summertime fun projects that I hope to include the kids in, including dyeing, sewing, crafting and gardening.  

Currently I am working on a quilt sew along seen here    I am of course behind, but trying to catch up quickly.  Here are some my strips.   strips      strips5


 I cheated partially and use a jelly roll from Moda in the Oh-Cherry-Oh  line, along with a few other fabrics from my stash!   Now I am sewing the strips together, and hope to have that finished by tomorrow.  Then will come the cutting of the squares….  I am hoping by mid next week to have the top all pieced together, and then finish up with the group.   I figured this would be one way to actually get a quilt done, as I am not really a quilter, I just dabble from time to time.