Monthly Archives: October 2011

Garden Skirts

I was recently in Salt Lake City for The Sewing Summit, and I rented a car and was able to do some fun fabric shopping while I was there. I visited several quilt shops, which were very inspirational. I loved seeing all of the great displays, along with the bright, colorful fabrics.

I also went to Hobby Lobby, since we dont’ have them around here, and purchased a few fun cotton woven prints, that are destined to become little girls skirts. I finished one already and here it is. I LOVE the fabric combos and the way they look together.

Lovely fabrics from Hobby Lobby.

~~Just wanted to note, that we recently had a Hobby Lobby open in the next city over, and I visit often. I really have to hold back from just purchasing ton’s of yardage, as they do carry some wonderful prints, which are almost always 30% off!!