Monthly Archives: January 2013

I’m on a roll……

So today, I was reading at Fresh Lemons and she posted about a Scrappy Trip Along. This sounded intriguing to me, so I clicked the link that further explained this quilt tutorial  Scrappy Trips Around the World from Quiltville.  My first thought was, “I can do this!  It’s just straight stitching, it makes 12″ squares, and uses up scraps and fabric stash!!!”

Great!!! Soooo…… another quilting project, but this one will move quickly, and I am going to try to make 2 to 4 squares per day, at least 5 days during the week.  So far today, I have made 3, and cut strips for several more.  The squares really don’t take much time to put together, and since they are 12″ squares, it should only take 9 squares plus borders for a baby quilt.  I’m not sure what size I am making yet, but I will figure that out as I go along.   I am finding the most tedious part for me, is cutting the strips, and also deciding on which fabrics to use (this is probably my biggest time waster).  I will add photos as soon as my camera battery charges…   Why is it, it’s always dead when I NEED it??


Learning to Quilt

I am not a quilter. However, I have been sewing for many years now, mostly kids clothing. But this year, I have decided to try to learn some quilting techniques, and so I am going to be following this  Skill Builder Block of the Month from Pile O’Fabric.  This will be a year long process, and is broken down month by month. I have included a banner for the block of the month class, if you would like to find out more, or participate. The only quilts I have sewn are little doll quilts for swaps at Sewing Mamas. These are something that I know I can finish up, as they are only about 16×20″.