Monthly Archives: August 2014

Another quick cake post.

Fun pink and black cheetah (or leopard) print cake. 2 layer 9″ round, red velvet with cream cheese icing, covered with fondant. I painted the print on, using americolor gel coloring mixed with a tad bit of vodka. I used my “funky” font tappits for my lettering.  They worked really well!!  Now that I know they do work, I might have to order another font 🙂 



Minecraft Ghast Cake

I am so behind on my summer postings!!!  Just a quick little post with a photo. My grandson, who turned 10, requested a “ghast” cake. I had no clue what this was, but asked my kids, who knew right away. They got onto minecraft and found a ghast for me, so I could see what I was getting myself into.  Anyway, if you don’t know, just google  “ghast” and you will probably find more information than you wanted to know, LOL!!

So here it is, in all it’s depressed glory, floating around in the Nether.


Thanks for stopping by and have a super sunny day!  Hopefully I will get caught up with all my   posts for all the cute clothes I have been testing out for PDF pattern designers!