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Minecraft Ghast Cake

I am so behind on my summer postings!!!  Just a quick little post with a photo. My grandson, who turned 10, requested a “ghast” cake. I had no clue what this was, but asked my kids, who knew right away. They got onto minecraft and found a ghast for me, so I could see what I was getting myself into.  Anyway, if you don’t know, just google  “ghast” and you will probably find more information than you wanted to know, LOL!!

So here it is, in all it’s depressed glory, floating around in the Nether.


Thanks for stopping by and have a super sunny day!  Hopefully I will get caught up with all my   posts for all the cute clothes I have been testing out for PDF pattern designers!

~~~~~Heat Wave~~~~~

      We are having a wonderfully warm…and now, hot summer!! I have tested a few patterns for The Plucky Butterfly Designs and she has a few awesome tops that are great for summertime. These are both a quick sew, and fun and easy to make.

First up, Rissa Roo’s Knit Pixie Summer Tank Top, which like the title says, is made from knit fabrics. This has a great size range from size 2 through 14 girls.



The pattern calls for knit binding, which I used in the red/white stars stripe, but in the lavender top, I cheated and used foldover elastic, which made the process even easier and faster. Either way, cute results and my daughter loves how comfy and cool they are!

She also has a pattern for halter if that is your preferred style “Rissa Roo’s Knit Pixie Summer Halter Top, same size range as the other, and a very quick sew also. 


She also created a pattern for the halter using woven fabrics, called the Cotton Woven Pixie Halter combo. This pattern has several options, including a dress.   Here is the top view of the pattern with a double ruffle.


Photos above show how you can either tie at the back or tie as a halter.

These patterns are all perfect for this hot summer weather!! 

You can check out all of her patterns in her Craftsy store.


The Firecracker Dress and Tunic

I had the opportunity to test this great summer pattern. Hana loves it, and has already worn it a few times!!  This is a pretty easy sew and the results are super cute and fun, perfect for warm spring, or hot summer days. She has also worn it with a t-shirt underneath, when it was a little too cool for just the straps.

You can check out GYCT Designs for more photos showing off this cute pattern, which you can see would be perfect for the 4th of July.  You can find the pattern here: GYCTDESIGNS on Craftsy

Here is the finished dress on Hana


Summer baking and decorating

Busy summer here, with kids, projects and activities. I have made a few cakes this summer, so instead of posting each individually, I am going to post photos with a brief description.

angrycakepopcake Angry Birds Cake pops cake.
angrybirdcake Cake that went with the cake pops
squirtle Squirtle pokemon cake.
pinkleopard First Birthday Cake plus smash cake
leopardcookie 1st birthday cookies, glaze
firstbdaycookie more 1st bday cookies inspired by
21stbday kitkat cake
brave Brave (without figures) inspired by cakes seen on

My Gardening Attempt

summer 2009 garden

summer 2009 garden

Soooo, my dh built me some raised beds for mother’s day, and my dd bought me a few plants, and I purchased a few more. My ds bought the soil and had it dumped in the driveway, and we used that to fill the raised beds, and also fill in the front yard flower beds. So, we planted, watered, and watched and we are seeing great results for first time gardeners, in my opinion anyway, LOL! Here are a few photos:
pulled1stradish tomatoe





zucchini         Lettuce, spinich, arugala……                            

saladbarrel zucchini……

And this is what happens when you toss a rotten pumpkin in the late fall:


And more……….I am going to try to dig them up and replant them so they have room to grow!manypumpkins