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Summer baking and decorating

Busy summer here, with kids, projects and activities. I have made a few cakes this summer, so instead of posting each individually, I am going to post photos with a brief description.

angrycakepopcake Angry Birds Cake pops cake.
angrybirdcake Cake that went with the cake pops
squirtle Squirtle pokemon cake.
pinkleopard First Birthday Cake plus smash cake www.mycakeschool.com
leopardcookie 1st birthday cookies, glaze
firstbdaycookie more 1st bday cookies inspired by www.sweetsugarbelle.com/2010/10/its-raining-girls
21stbday kitkat cake
brave Brave (without figures) inspired by cakes seen on www.cakecentral.com


Cookie decorating for a Contest!

I decided to enter LilaLoa’s Cookie Contest.  I’m pretty new to decorating cookies, and I really loved her idea for thinking outside the “box”, or “present!  These were the contest rules:

Bake a cookie using the present cookie cutter or template provided and then decorate that cookie to look like anything except a present. So I got out my paper and pencil, and sketched (scribbled)  a few designs, then started baking and coloring icing.  Here is what I came up with.

Thanks for looking 🙂